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How To Make Windows 8 Boot Even Faster

How To Make Windows 8 Boot Even Faster. Boost windows 8 startup by disabling unnecessary startup programs. Guys did you have notices one thing that when do a fresh installation of windows 8 or other windows version. How fast the fresh installed windows computer boots up. Yeah, it is really fast and smooth. As soon as we install our software’s and other needed programs windows gradually slows down and boots slow and the startup is eventually slowed.Windows Startup   slow down due to startup program which are automatically enable when they are installed by you. This can be a major factor for low performance of operating system and the effect can be seen on low hardware configuration computers.

How to disable startup program

  • Open Task Manager and click on Startup Tab.
  • You can see a list of program with name publisher status and Startup impact.
  • By selecting particular program you can enable disable the stats and reduce or increase the impact of program on windows Startup.
  • It is recommended that you disable all the program except the necessary drivers and Antivirus program.
  • By doing that you will surely see the performance change in windows8 startup every time computer is booted up.

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