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Hey Bro here is a step by step procedure to register free trial version of logixPro to full version.
As you all know logixPro only provides 15 days of free trial, So it is  necessary to register logixPro to full version for further uses of the logixPro software.

Make sure you have installed logixPro trial version. Now you can see the logixPro icon on  desktop. Do a right click on logixpro icon and open file location(where logixpro is installed )

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  • Directory will open showing logixPro files
  • Usually the location is C:\Program Files (x86)\TheLearningPit\LogixPro where logixPro is installed.
  • Open notepad and type: logixPro register
  • Save the file by opting ‘Save as’ option, select location desktop and name the file as register.bat and click on save.
  • Cut the saved register.bat file and open C:\Program Files (x86)\TheLearningPit\LogixPro. Do a right click and paste.
  • Double click on register.bat.  Enter key dialogue box will open consisting of name and key field.
  • Now fill the name and key field and click on ok.  If the name and key is genuine the product will be registered to full version.

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