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Protect USB Drive From Viruses. You can avoid this by making your USB drive write-protected, preventing viruses from writing malicious codes into your USB. This might not be necessary if your computer is protected by an Antivirus.However if you don't have an antivirus installed on your PC or Laptop then go ahead and follow the steps. This would be highly helpful in protecting their computers from viruses. The following steps will help you in making your USB drive write protected.

How To Protect USB Drive From Virus Attack?
  1. Plug in your USB drive .
  2. Go to run ( type the command "diskpart" ) and press OK
  3. CMD will open, type list disk (this will list the disk or the available storage devices on your PC) Now note the disk number of your USB storage (Size of the disk which is in megabyte(MB) ).
  4. Then, type the command  select disk #  (where # is the disk number). Press Enter
  5. Few more command- attributes disk set readonly -Press Enter
  6. Confirmation text is shown: disk attributes set successfully
Now all is done, you cannot copy file to you usb drive but only can copy the content from usb to your PC,this sets the protection ,not allowing viruses to write extra miscellaneous codes on you drive .your usb drive is made read only i.e write protected. You will be able to read files from your usb drive but cannot write anything into it. This way your usb drive is protected from viruses.

Now if you want to revert the settings back to normal:
  • Follow the same method and at the end instead of attributes disk set readonly
  • Type the command : attributes disk clear readonly  
  • Enjoy!!

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